About Us

Manitoba Horse Council (MHC) is a not-for-profit organization representing clubs and individual members involved in equine activity in Manitoba. MHC is the recognized governing body for equestrian sport in the province; providing support, leadership and resources to develop athletes and protect the interests of Manitoba equestrian enthusiasts.

MANITOBA HORSE COUNCIL - the voice of equine advocacy, accessibility, welfare, sport and recreation

MHC is governed by a Board of Directors:

Geri Sweet - President
Sheri Parkinson - Vice President
Jan Ash Gross - Athlete Development
Gwen Donohoe - Breeds & Industry
Myriam Dyck - Marketing
Linda Hazelwood - Secretary-Treasurer
Lisa Rosin - Member At Large
Harry Crawley - Equestrian Centre
Danae Martin - Coaching
Daryl Freed - Officials

Carolyn Lintott - on leave to act as interim ED

Vacant Positions:

  • Special Events
  • Chair, Competitions
  • Chair, Recreation

MHC Equestrian Centre

David Tolpa - Facility manager at the MHC Birds Hill Equestrian Centre.

Our Mission Statement

To continuously improve equestrian sport, develop athletes and protect the interests of equestrian enthusiasts in the province of Manitoba. We will effectively provide leadership, direction and resources to create an environment where a broad range of participants can engage in a safe and satisfying equestrian experience.

Our Goals

  • We will respect the right of each athlete to set a level of performance that is appropriate to their individual needs and abilities and we will provide resources that help them achieve recreational to elite athlete levels.

  • We will act cooperatively with our members to provide those resources that are most efficiently provided together. These resources include education, coaching, facilities and officials.

  • All members will be dealt with equitably and fairly and the contribution of volunteers to equestrianism in Manitoba honoured.

  • We will work towards making Manitoba a centre of excellence in the development of the horse to ensure our human athletes can compete at the highest level possible.

  • We will be an effective voice for equestrianism in Manitoba and will support stakeholders, principally Sport Manitoba and Equine Canada, in achieving their goals in the belief that these are established to improve our sport.

  • We will support clubs and their members in achieving success in their sport discipline.

  • We will encourage and support the involvement of currently under-represented groups in equestrian sport in Manitoba.

Manitoba Horse Council By-Laws - Revised November 2012

Manitoba Horse Council Strategic Plan


1. Develop and implement a marketing strategy for the organization

2. Increase exposure, involvement and education of coaches throughout the Province

3. Develop a clear and unified objective for the organization

4. Develop and market the MHC Equestrian Centre

5. Develop and promote athletes and competitions throughout the Province


1. Implement marketing strategy for the organization, reviewing on a yearly basis

2. Increase exposure, involvement and education of coaches throughout the Province

3. Improve Board relations/communications within the organization and throughout the general public, members and government agencies

4. Develop and market the MHC Equestrian Centre

5. Develop athletes and promote competitions throughout the Province (LTED)

For the complete document please contact the MHC Office.


Contact Us

Manitoba Horse Council Office
145 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2Z6

Fax: (204) 925-5703

Executive Director, John Savard

Phone: (204) 925-5719

Email: [email protected]

Business Manager, Linda Hazelwood

Phone: (204) 925-5718

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Regular Office Hours are

9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Monday through Friday