Manitoba Equestrian Championships

MEC (Manitoba Equestrian Championships)

September 22 - 23, 2018 at the Bird's Hill Park Equestrian Facility.



Check out the individual team results at this link.


See Manitoba’s best equestrians from Westman and Eastman compete for the coveted team title of "Manitoba Champions"!

Representatives from both sides of the province will compete in Competitive Trail,  Dressage, Endurance, Cutting, Driving, Eventing and Show Jumping in their quest to become Manitoba Champions.

Prize List is available here: 2018 MEC prize list; entry is via

Please pay for your entries PRIOR TO SHOW DATE via MHC's office; phone 204-529-5718, email



You are Invited to attend the


This Championship show consists of two multidisciplinary teams: Team Eastman and Team Westman. The geographic dividing line is the Red River based on competitor’s place of residence. Where a full team cannot be established from applicants of one region, applicants from the other region may be asked to join the other team to balance the teams.

This Championship is a multi-disciplinary competition, with the following disciplines represented:

Competitive Trail; Dressage; Endurance; Eventing;Driving;Cutting;Hunter/Jumper;Western Dressage

All disciplines are sanctioned provincially, therefore, EC Bronze Sport Licenses are not required.

It is not possible to produce all the rules and regulations governing all these disciplines in one concise document. Therefore, only general information is provided in this competitor’s information package. Competitors in each discipline are expected to be aware of and follow discipline-specific rules and regulations.

All are welcome to submit entries and cross-discipline entries are also accepted. Entries should be submitted via, with payment, Coggins Tests and waivers being sent to MHC's office PRIOR TO SHOW DATE. Should entries exceed the number of spots on a team, you will be informed if your entry was accepted. If your entry was not accepted, you entry fee will be returned to you.

If any questions contact Linda by phoning 204.925.5718 or email


Friday September 21, 2018

2:00 pm            Show grounds open to competitors – check-in with show office, warm-ups


Saturday September 22, 2018

7:00 am            Endurance Send Off (Hunter Ring)

7:30 am            Show office re-opens for competitor check-in

9:00 am            Hunter/Jumper (Ring 5)

9:00 am            Eventing - Dressage (Ring 2)               

10.45 am          Cutting (Ring 4)

11.00am           Driving (Grand Prix Ring)                    

11.00 pm          Eventing – Combined Course (Grand Prix Ring)                 

1:30 pm           Polo Demonstration (Ring 3 or polo field)

2:00 pm            Dressage (Ring 2)

6:00pm             Dinner


Sunday September 23, 2018

7:30 am            Show office re-opens for competitor check-in

8:00 am            Competitive Trail Send Off (Hunter Ring)

9:00 am            Hunter/Jumper (Ring 5)                      

9:00 am            Eventing – Dressage (Ring 2)  

10.45 am          Cutting (Ring 4)

11:00 am          Driving (Grand Prix Ring)                                                    

1:00 pm            Eventing – Combined Course (Grand Prix Ring)

1:00 pm            Dressage (Ring 2)                              

Following Dressage and eventing scoring            AWARD CEREMONY

Warm up: Dressage Eventing and Dressage, Ring 1.


Order of Go:

Team Eastman will compete first in all disciplines/divisions on Saturday the 22nd. The order of go will be swapped so that the other team (Team Westman) will compete first on Sunday the 23rd.

Each discipline/division decides among themselves who will compete in what order each day (i.e. Team Eastman—Driving—Preliminary Division orders its competitors first to last).




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