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Business - Farm Equipment, Trailers Dealers and Manufacturers

This section is for Manitoba Horse Council Business members to post Trailers, trucks and equine related equipment for sale or lease.

Disclaimer: The information and services listed in the Manitoba Horse Council forums are intended to facilitate accessibility to the professionals, products and services that play a part in the horse industry. Manitoba Horse Council does not assume responsibility for errors, omissions or subsequent changes in the information provided. While readers are encouraged to use the products and services of the merchants and users of this forum, Manitoba Horse Council does not recommend, endorse, or guarantee the products and services of advertisers listed.

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> SOUTHWINDS HORSE RESCUE - 2 1/2 MILES EAST OF OAKVILLE 204-267-2464 Visit us between 9 and 2 on Sat "Our mission at SHR is to rescue and care for abused, neglected and abandoned equines by providing them with proper nourishment, veterinary care, retraining, love and other healing as required." See

> Manitoba Quarter Horse Association - Summer Sizzler - Keystone Ag Centre in Brandon - June 3,4 and 5th 8 am start with a full schedule - NO ADMISSION COST - variety of classes ranging from showmanship, western/english pleasure and even ranch riding. Crocus Cow Horse will also have cattle classes such as working cow horse, boxing and cutting. Lots of fun. Come and experience something new!!

> HI POINT HORSEMANSHIP 15 minutes west of Wpg - 1/2 mile south off hey 1 on road 332 Dacotah/Starbuck "Ours is a quiet barn with a positive environment. We work on developing riders and horses as athletes through correct movement. Go to our website to learn more.

> SAGEHILL STABLES - 4180 Waverley - 204-803-5940 Go to our website to see who we are!! If you want to drop by on Saturday give us a call or email us at [email protected]

> BEATRIX STREBEL - CLASSICAL EQUITATION - 204-641-4268 - between Gimli and Fraserwood - off hwy 231, 1/4 mile north on road 13 We would be happy to see you on Saturday between 9 and 5. "We offer a riding school, horse training and boarding. See for our specialities or email us at [email protected]"

> SUMMER SMILES SHOW This is a Hunter Jumper Competition - which is always exciting to watch. NO ADMISSION FEE Come to Birds Hill Park Manitoba Horse Council Equestrian Centre to see this event. (The Equestrian Centre is behind the ranch and there are signs leading to it!)



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