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Effective February 12, 2015:

Manitoba Horse Council is now accepting membership applications and renewals for its upcoming 2015-16 term! This term runs from March 16, 2015 - March 15, 2016.

10 Great Reasons

Experience the benefits of membership!

Horse Enthusiasts know that the Manitoba Horse Council adds value to their equestrian lifestyle.

That’s because 2000+ horse enthusiasts are MHC members who reap the benefits of belonging. From services and information to benefits not found anywhere else, the MHC represents individual members and clubs from all sectors of the horse industry.

For professionals, amateurs, competitors and recreational enthusiasts of all ages and disciplines, the MHC is committed to horse welfare, advocacy and accessibility.

Every member receives industry leading insurance coverage and fantastic discounts. And only members are able to participate in MHC and Equine Canada programs, receive free monthly e-newsletters and enjoy insider updates on equine events and news.

We invite you to join your fellow horse enthusiasts today!

Why should I be a MHC Member?

  • To ensure all horse/pony owners, riders/drivers and other participants have proper insurance coverage
  • To be an active participant in the development of safe sport in the province of Manitoba
  • To be part of a united equine voice
  • To be included in a group, which builds on the development of competitive sport and the legacy of sportsmanship
  • To support the advocacy of horse welfare
  • To support MHC programs and initiatives such as the NEW Recreation portfolio and much more!
  • To participate in educational clinics, events and workshops offered exclusively to members
  • To receive the official MHC member e-newsletter (the most widely circulated equine publication in Manitoba)
  • To receive member only benefits, special discounts and exclusive offers thru MHC and Equine Canada

Online MHC membership application and renewal is now available at Membership. MHC encourages its membership to use the online system wherever possible.

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What MHC membership should I purchase?

Competitive Memberships:

If you are planning on competing at a competition this coming membership season you will be required to have a competitive MHC membership.

If you would like to receive all MHC benefits you are encouraged to complete a competitive membership application as well.

Pro-rated membership form  (Please use between October 15th, 2015 - March 15th, 2016)

Competitive membership form

MHC benefits summary

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Recreation Memberships:

If you are not planning on competing this membership season, the MHC encourages you to purchase a MHC Recreation membership. For more details on the MHC Recreation Membership, benefits and programs please visit: /Recreation.

Recreation membership form

MHC recreation benefits summary

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 Apply or Renew with Form

Download a Pro-rated, Recreation or Competitive Membership paper application and submit to the MHC office complete with payment. The application and payment can be submitted via mail, email, or fax.

Membership can also be applied for or renewed via phone by contacting the MHC office.

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