Membership Benefits

An EXTENDED MEMBERSHIP option is available for NEW members. The balance of 2019 plus a full year of 2020, for only $10 more than the full year membership.  Your membership will run from the day of purchase right through until December 31, 2020.  See your options as you go through the Membership Walkthrough.

It should be noted that the Early Renewal covers basic insurance only. Add-on insurance options cannot be part of the extension but will only run to the end of 2019. The options can be re-purchased for 2020.

Early renewal options for current members will reopen mid-October. If you don't remember your login name and/or password - just click on the RESET PASSWORD button displayed when you try to log in. Thank you!

Experience the benefits of membership

Horse enthusiasts know that the Manitoba Horse Council adds value to their equestrian lifestyle.

That’s because 2000+ horse enthusiasts are MHC members who reap the benefits of belonging. From services and information to benefits not found anywhere else, the MHC represents individual members and clubs from all sectors of the horse industry.

For professionals, amateurs, competitors and recreational enthusiasts of all ages and disciplines, the MHC is committed to horse welfare, advocacy and accessibility.

Every member receives industry leading insurance coverage at preferential rates. And only members are able to participate in MHC and Equestrian Canada programs, receive free e-newsletters and enjoy insider updates on equine events and news.

MHC members continue to be eligible for a preferential subscription rate to Canadian Horse Journal magazine.

We invite you to join your fellow horse enthusiasts today!

Why should I be a MHC Member?

  • To ensure all horse/pony owners, riders/drivers and other participants have proper third-party insurance coverage
  • To be an active participant in the development of safe sport in the province of Manitoba
  • To be part of a united equine voice
  • To be included in a group which builds on the development of competitive sport and the legacy of sportsmanship
  • To support the advocacy of horse welfare
  • To support MHC programs and initiatives such as the Recreation portfolio and much more!
  • To participate in educational clinics, events and workshops offered exclusively to members
  • To receive the official MHC member e-newsletter (the most widely circulated equine publication in Manitoba)
  • To receive member only benefits, special discounts and exclusive offers through MHC and Equestrian Canada

MHC encourages its membership to use the online system wherever possible.  If you don't remember your User Name and/or Password for online renewals - please click on the Reset Button that appears on the right hand side of the screen and follow the prompts. Currently the expanded 2018 options are being uploaded to the system and tested so there may be periods when online registration is not available. If you need to renew your membership immediately please call 204-925-5718/5719 and someone will help you.

 Check out MHC's member insurance benefits here.

What MHC membership should I purchase?

Competitive Memberships:

If you plan on competing during 2019 you will be required to have a competitive MHC membership. An Adult competitive membership is $63.00; a Youth membership is $52.00. The cut-off age between the two is 18.

Recreation Memberships:

If you do not plan on competing in 2019, the MHC Recreation membership offers insurance benefits and other programs, at $41.00 whether Adult or Youth.

Note re Recreation Rider membership: if you compete at all, even at a fun show, or just once a year, a full membership must be purchased .

Other Options

Family Memberships are also available for $126 (Competitive) or $82 (Recreation). Can be two adults, or a Youth and an Adult - plus $20 for each additional Youth after the first two members, all living at the same address.

Other options are Golden memberships (Those between 70 and 90 years of age, and who compete) $50.00, and Friends of Horses $27.00 (Non-riders/drivers who are not active in daily equine activities). Friends of Horses receive liability insurance benefits only.


Apply or Renew Online

Have you used the MHC online membership system before?

Please login with the button below using your User Name and Password.

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Member Login

If you've forgotten your Password, please use the Reset Password link upon clicking the login page button to reset your Password.

If you receive an error message regarding your User Name, please use the Other Login Help link upon clicking the login page button to re-create a User Name and Password.

First time using the MHC online membership system?

If you are a brand new member OR have been a MHC member in the past that has not used the online membership system before, please create an initial User Name and Password by using the Sign Up page:

New Member Signup:

New Member Signup

If it is stated that your record is not found, it likely means the email address you entered does not match the email address MHC has on file. To rectify this, please contact the MHC office.

Apply or Renew with Downloadable/Fillable PDF

We understand that some members have difficulty with online subscriptions for one reason or another, so although we encourage everyone to renew online, we have provided a form which you can download and fill in by hand, or fill in the PDF, print out and mail or email complete with payment.

The application and payment can be submitted via mail, email, fax, and payment can be by cheque, credit card or e-transfer to [email protected] . We do not recommend sending credit card information by email or fax. E-transfer is available for online membership applications but membership will not be complete until the e-transaction has been deposited. Please use your membership number as the password. Membership can also be applied for or renewed via phone by contacting the MHC office at 204-925-5718 or 204-925-5719.


Contact Us

Manitoba Horse Council Office
145 Pacific Avenue
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Fax: (204) 925-5703

Executive Director, John Savard
Phone: (204) 925-5719
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Business Manager, Linda Hazelwood
Phone: (204) 925-5718
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