On behalf of the board of the Manitoba Horse Council I would like to announce that John Savard will be joining MHC as its Executive Director.  John has a long association with all things equestrian and many years in all aspects of the hotel business.  We are looking forward to working with him and are very pleased to have him on the team  See below for more detailed information about his experience and involvements.

The board wishes to thank Carolyn Lintott who has acted as our interim director for the past nine months.  We appreciate all she has done and welcome her back to her position on the board (after a suitable rest of course!!).

MHC is off to a very exciting start to 2017. We have accomplished a number of things over the past year. We look forward to sharing those achievements with the membership at our Annual General Meeting on Sunday, April 30th.  Noon to three. Keep that date open!  

Geri Sweet
MHC President


Before coming to Winnipeg, over twenty years ago, John Savard had a career in hotel and hospitality.  He held senior management positions for major chains and resorts across Canada and internationally.  John's work continued in hotels, the Winnipeg Convention Centre and the Niakwa Country Club.  He also had close involvement on advisory committees, including Red River College Hospitality Advisory Committee and the Manitoba Tourism Education Council.

For the past four years, John and his wife, Janet Miner and daughter Anna, have been owner/operators of Greenhawk Winnipeg.  John's involvement has been very much behind the scenes, while Janet and Anna handle the day to day operations.  Anna is the active rider in the family.  Janet rode and competed for many years before coming to Manitoba.  John has been actively involved in supporting the sport through Greenhawk Winnipeg, volunteering and through board participation with the MHJA.


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