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Manitoba Lotteries Bingo Volunteer Funds Program

In recent years MHC has revised its Bingo Policy in order to meet Sport Manitoba and Manitoba Lotteries requirements. Rather than asking MHC clubs to supply volunteers for paper bingo events, as of 2018 Manitoba Lotteries has made regular contributions to be distributed among member clubs.

In 2018, funds were distributed to member clubs and a balance is remaining which is to be distributed to clubs on application.

2018 Special Funding Program Application. Deadline for receipt: December 31, 2018

2019 Basic Lottery Fund Application. Deadline for application: January 31, 2019. Lottery Fund Expenditure sheet (included with Application form) to be submitted by October 31, 2019.

Competition Organizers

Hosting a competition? Overwhelmed or not sure where to start? Contact the MHC office for assistance.

For clubs hosting Equestrian Canada-sanctioned competitions, please view the Competition Organizers page.



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