Road Safety Handbook

Road SafetyManitoba Horse Council has produced a road safety handbook for equestrians with information about road riding and tips to help keep riders/drivers safe.


As many equestrians take to the roads, keeping themselves and their horses safe while sharing road space with cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles is a key concern for many horseback riders and horse & carriage drivers.

Increasing development and traffic volume in rural areas have made road riding a necessity for some riders. For others, road riding is their only option to combat the repetitive nature of arena riding. It is vital that riders seek proper training for themselves and their horses to help them cope with traffic and be safe on the road.

The average motorist is not familiar with horses and may be unaware that horses can become easily startled, posing a danger to both rider and motorist alike.  They may not know that it is imperative to pass horses slowly and give them a wide berth.

MHC Road SafetyThis handbook focuses on what you, the rider and carriage driver, can do to increase your safety while road riding, and includes tips for the motorist to learn how to exercise appropriate caution.


Interested in ordering a Road Safety Handbook?

Please contact the MHC office and order your copy today - 1.204.925.5718. Full color/printed/coiled handbook - $15 including taxes and shipping

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