Athlete Development Grants

2017-2018 Sport Manitoba Athlete Assistance Program


Due to funding cutbacks by the provincial government access to funding for our Athletes has become very difficult. Athlete Assistance (AA) grants are now only available to juniors (21 and under) and must have the following eligibility:

The 2017/2018 Athlete Assistance Program will only be directed to athletes selected to their National Sport Organization’s (NSO) Junior National Team Program (or equivalent) and compete as a member of the Junior National Team at which their sports applicable Junior World Championship.  All other levels are no longer eligible for funding.  Athletes selected and training in their Junior National NSO team program (or equivalent) but do not compete at the applicable Junior World Championships may be eligible.


After attending a meeting with Sport Manitoba to discuss these new eligibility rules we realized that not many of our athletes are going to qualify for AA this year.

While Equestrian has always been a difficult sport to meet the AA guidelines there has always been a pathway we were able to forge with Sport Manitoba in order to have a means for our Athletes to participate in Sports Manitoba funding. This will not be the case this year. We were told they must meet the guidelines as noted above with no exceptions. Needless to say we are extremely disappointed but remain hopeful that funding will be restored in the near future.

In the past quite a few juniors have competed at World Championships in various Western disciplines. Unfortunately there are no World Championships in the English disciplines for Juniors.  If there is a Junior who has qualified as an individual in any discipline we would do our best to convince Sport Manitoba to let their application stand.

The Athlete Assistance Program application is linked below, in the hopes that there are some Juniors that might qualify, and would ask that you pass this information on to anyone that you feel may qualify. The deadline is January 15/2018.

Please go to the Sports Manitoba website to explore other types of funding opportunities for our Clubs and Athletes.


Jan Ash-Gross, Athlete Development Chair


2017-2018 Athlete Assistance Application and Criteria:

Please remit your application to Manitoba Horse Council by January 15 to [email protected]

2017/2018 Sport Manitoba Athlete Assistance Program Criteria

2017/2018 Sport Manitoba Athlete Assistance Program Application




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