Manitoba Horse Council Equestrian Facility Rentals

2022 MHC Equestrian Facility Rental Forms

To book an event or competition at the MHC Equestrian Facility, please contact the MHC office at (204) 925-5719 or email [email protected]

Please read and complete the booking form and liability form prior to calling. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

2022 Equestrian Facility Rental Agreement & Booking Form . Please call the office to reserve your date.

Acceptance of Liability Form

The booking form is a fillable PDF. We recommend downloading and saving to your computer after completion, prior to sending to us, in order to retain the information for your files. Please check before sending to us at [email protected] 
If you don't receive a confirmation email or phone call, please call 204-925-5719. You are responsible for making sure your booking gets to us - we are not responsible for lost email or physical mail should your booking not be received.  First come first served for facility dates and mandating Coggins testing status of the event.

Rules of Use 

Barn A Stabling Layout - click here      

Barn B Stabling Layout - click here      

Barn A & B Overview - click here


The MHC facility will adhere to any current Covid-19 rules. Hand sanitizers, hand washing stations, signage etc will be available at the minimum. All booked events must comply with Provincial requirements as of the show date (not booking date) for contact tracing, liability waivers, etc. Please refer to for information regarding running a show, but please understand that the provincial requirements on any show date will override the documents provided on this site.

COVID-19 Notes for show organizers regarding allocation of stalls at an event

Barn A is divided into quadrants; 8 person per quadrant at one time.

Barn B is divided in half, each alley way is a half and 8 person per half. This does not mean only 8 horses, it means only 8 people can be in there at one time with the horses. Essentially stalls can be filled.

EIA and Biosecurity

Manitoba Horse Council Facility status is Recommended Coggins. It is the first renter to book the facility and pay their deposit that will decide the status of the facility in relation to Coggins testing for the dates booked. Example: In the situation where two shows are booked on the same day, it is the first booking to pay their deposit and complete the booking with the office that will set the standard. This status will continue to be revisited at minimum on an annual basis and should any health issues arise within the Manitoba Horse Community.

As of January 15, 2020, updates to the Equestrian Canada Rule Book (General Regulations) note that all horses attending EC sanctioned Bronze, Silver and Gold competitions must comply with vaccination requirements under Article A519.

MHC strongly recommends that all horses on the property have the regular EHV 1-4 vaccinations as protection and that owners practice strict biosecurity protocols while attending events at this or any other facility.

Be assured that in between competitions the Facility is disinfected as per biosecurity protocols.

Booking bonuses

Weekends are prime-time at the Facility, but has many open slots during the remainder of the week. Take advantage of our booking bonus: during the July and August, bookings between Monday to Thursday (not including Holiday Mondays) will receive a 25% discount on the base rate and ring rentals.

WIFI is available at the Facility for a fee. Show offices can connect to online show programs and payment systems, report scores and scheduled running times, etc.

Contact Us

Manitoba Horse Council Office
145 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2Z6

The office is currently closed to personal callers. Please phone or email as the details below.

Executive Director, Diane David
Phone: (204) 925-5719
Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (204) 925-5718