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Manitoba Lotteries Bingos Volunteer Program Updates

Thursday, February 16, 2017



Electronic bingo resulted in necessary changes to administration of the program 

Funding for the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Bingo Volunteer Program is continuing through the 2017-18 fiscal year, with money now being provided directly to umbrella organizations who will allocate the funds for local community and non-profit organizations without the requirement of volunteer service.

"With the declining popularity of paper bingo at Winnipeg's casinos, the number of volunteers required for each bingo shift dropped over time and the requirement for volunteers has now disappeared," said Diana Soroka, Director Community Support. "Community organizations that were allocated bingos between January and March 31, 2017 were notified earlier this year that they would receive their funds without the expectation of volunteer work. Money earmarked for the Bingo Volunteer Program for the 2017-18 fiscal year will be provided directly to umbrella groups that oversee the volunteer allocations."

The Bingo Volunteer Program has been in place since 1984 and provides approximately $4 million annually to about 400 community and non-profit groups.

"The Bingo Volunteer Program is undergoing a necessary assessment in order to ensure that support for local community and non-profit organizations makes sense as bingo players move to electronic bingo and the need for volunteers is eliminated," said Soroka. "We have been in contact with the umbrella groups and they are pleased that the funding will continue for the next year."

Please contact the MHC Office which is working with Sport Manitoba to continue to distribute funds through the 2017-2018 fiscal year.


February 16th, 2017

To all of our MHC members and clubs,

Many of you will have seen, in today's Free Press, that the provincial government will be cutting funding to sport and culture. What this means to the MHC, and our member clubs, is the loss of Bingo revenue. This has serious implications for all of us. The MHC is considering several strategies, for example we are in the process of putting together ideas for a write in campaign to MLAs and Ministers.

We all know, from recent news reports, that the government is looking for ways to cut costs and save money. We also know, however, that the idea of lotteries was founded on providing support to community groups, including sport organizations. These organizations and groups form the keystone of our communities. We hope that a campaign would help the government understand that, in terms of the development and support of our communities, the cost of eliminating such a program would substantially exceed any savings they would achieve.

MHC will keep you apprised of developments and will be asking for your help in any campaign initiated.

Geri Sweet,
MHC President

Competition Organizers

Hosting a competition? Overwhelmed or not sure where to start? Contact the MHC office for assistance.

For clubs hosting Equestrian Canada-sanctioned competitions, please view the Competition Organizers page.

2017 MHC Provincial Clinic Support Program

Purpose - To support member clubs with the cost of providing high-level clinicians to both grass roots and elite equestrians in Manitoba.

Operation - Manitoba Horse Council will provide grants to eligible clubs selected as part of the program. Grants are intended to assist clubs in meeting the costs of providing clinics; the program is not able to cover fully the costs of clinics. Clubs are therefore encouraged to develop plans for recouping the costs of the clinics they hold.

Funding Criteria and Requirements:

  • The clinic must be organized by an MHC member club.
  • The clinician/s delivering the clinic must be named at the time of application and must be certified at Equestrian Canada Competition Coach Specialist (CCS) – former Equestrian Canada Coach 2 – or above. If not certified at CCS or above, the clinician’s resume must be attached to the application for consideration.
  • The clinic must be open to all throughout Manitoba.
  • A target group for the clinic must be specified.
  • The objectives/purpose of the clinic must be outlined on the application form.
  • Clubs are expected to run and set up the clinic on a cost recovery basis, and if not successful, explain why.
  • Clubs should give consideration to how the costs of the clinic can be recouped i.e. charging participant fees, sponsorship etc.
  • A brief projected budget for the clinic must be provided outlining anticipated income and expenditure.
  • Clinic organizers must provide a list of participants to MHC following the clinic.
  • Applications will be approved based on the projected budget submitted however a Post-Clinic Report Form must be submitted after the clinic takes place in order for the grant to be paid. Original receipts/invoices for eligible expenses must be attached to the Claim Form. Expenses eligible for financial support through the program are: clinician’s honorarium, accommodation and travel; facility rental; equipment rental (e.g. show jumps, dressage rings) and materials – photocopying, course building materials (logs, rope, nails etc). Purchase of course building equipment (eg. tractors, hammers, chain saws etc) is NOT eligible.
  • Clinics already taken place, in the appropriate 2017 funding period, are only required to submit a post event report for approval.
  • Applications for funding through the program must be made on the appropriate form by the specified deadline (incomplete applications will not be considered).
  • Submission of application does not mean automatic approval.
  • Applications will be reviewed by MHC

Notification Process:

Successful applications will receive written acknowledgement from the MHC Office indicating the approved funding level one month after the submission deadline.

Unsuccessful applications will receive written acknowledgement from the MHC Office one month after the submission deadline stating reasons for non-approval.

Provincial Club Support Program 2017

Provincial Clinic Application Form


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