Club Membership

Club Memberships

Membership of Manitoba Horse Council's (MHC) club network is for provincial, regional, and local equine organizations which engage in the promotion and development of equestrian sport and recreation activities in Manitoba and which meet the following criteria:

1. Minimum of 10 members;
2. Not-for-profit, volunteer based and democratic;
3. Written constitution;
4. Regular meetings;
5. Elections of directors and officers;
6. Maintain financial records which are available on request to MHC.
7. Agrees to Dispute Resolution as mandated by Sport Manitoba;
8. Agrees to Safe Sport policies and principles for competition as mandated by national sporting body.

Equine clubs are the foundation of Manitoba Horse Council and receive one vote per issue at the MHC Annual General Meeting and/or Council of Clubs. Some items subject to voted approval of MHC member Clubs include:

  • Election of MHC Board of Directors
  • Approval of MHC By-Law change
  • Provincial or local issues
  • National issues requiring a provincial vote


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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions and Application

Insurance is a technical topic and there are many questions which can be asked, too many to enter here.  Detailed information on the insurance package from Acera Insurance includes a club application form. This application is to be sent directly to Acera Insurance with the correct premium (including PST), not Manitoba Horse Council.

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Optional Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

The Director's and Officer's Liability Insurance is an option for MHC clubs, and is a policy which responds to law suits which result from a bodily injury or property damage in which the complainant feels that the club bears some responsibility. Examples of claims could be; negligence of account procedures and mishandling of funds; personal benefit by a Director; jeopardizing tax-exempt status; interest that should have been collected and distributed;  failure to adopt and implement appropriate safety and operational procedures at a facility causing the facility to be shut down by regulators, etc.

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Other information

If your club is not currently a member of Manitoba Horse Council and you would like information about signing up your Club, please contact Diane David, MHC Executive Director, at 204-925-5719 or [email protected] If you have questions about the insurance coverage please call Acera Insurance Services, 1-800-670-1877, or email [email protected]

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