Manitoba Horse Council implements its coaching program under the instruction and umbrella of the National Equestrian Canada / National Coach Certification Program (NCCP).

Why is Certification Important?

Whether you are a student looking for lessons or a current equestrian coach interested in obtaining credentials, there are many benefits to the EC Coaching Program.

The EC Coaching Program verifies that a coach:

  • Has been evaluated at a high level and meets NCCP standards for professionalism and competence as an equestrian coach or instructor.
  • Maintains their certification, and is therefore dedicated to lifelong learning and advancement through regular professional development.
  • Has obtained relevant insurance to protect themselves and their students.

Find a Coach - See Current Manitoba 2017 NCCP Certified Coach Directory


Wondering about the new Coaching Levy?? Hope this helps!


SPORT MANITOBA’S expectation is that all athletes on the field of play have a certified coach. (We know that in our sport some athletes are their own coaches and so this expectation applies to them as well.)

In our sport we currently have some coaches who are not certified. As we move forward Manitoba Horse Council wishes to ensure that all coaches, instructors and participants are at least fully aware of the proper conduct that is expected at events for all sports. There are three courses which coaches and/or athletes need to take to ensure understanding of these expectations. The Horse Council requirement is that every coach needs to have taken 2 out of the 3 available courses (one must be Respect in Sport as mandated by Sport Manitoba).

These courses are:
1. Respect in Sport (free) – required by all Manitoba coaches
a. Available at
2. Making Headway ( free)
a. Available at
3. Making Ethical Decisions Course is available at  Course is $85 on line. Classroom sessions are also offered through the Manitoba Horse Council and on Sport Manitoba's website. (The online session is discounted with classroom participation. Check the MED stream that matched the coaching context you are thinking of applying for. Community is only for instructor stream.)

Completion of either Making Headway or MED will provide the coach with an National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) number, which allows the person to access to The Locker where they can track their NCCP training and certification.

TO ENCOURAGE ALL COACHES TO COMPLY WITH THIS MINIMUM EXPECTATION FOR COACHES/TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS HELPING AN ATHLETE ON THE FIELD OF PLAY – MHC has implemented a coaching levy where the coach has not met them. The levy is $5 and will be collected by the show organizer. $2 of that levy goes to the show organizer. The other $3 is sent to MHC and goes directly into the coaching program to support coaching programming. The levy is assessed to the participant/rider whose coach does not have an NCCP number. This levy goes directly to further subsidizing the costs of current and future coaching programs, and improving their availability.

Remember if YOU are competing at a competition and you do not have/have not brought a coach, then YOU are your coach for that competition. YOU and anyone can acquire an NCCP number.

Please note that these are not sport or discipline specific courses, and any training in these 3 courses acquired through other sports can be applied to equestrian and vice versa. If there are further questions or comments don’t hesitate to call: 204-925-5719

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