2024 EC Temporary Coach Status

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Coach Certification

Certification is the formal credentialing process that includes:

  • training through a recognized program such as the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP)
  • formal evaluation through independent assessment of coaching competencies, and
  • ongoing professional development requirements by a verified provider.

A certified coach is someone who demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. From embracing the Long Term Equestrian Development (LTED) pathway and the Rider Level program which sets out a standard for horsemanship and riding through progressive levels, to participating annually in professional development opportunities such as clinics, webinars, symposiums and other education to keep current with new approaches and advances in equestrian sports and coaching.

EC Recognized Certification Programs

In addition to EC/NCCP Certification, the following certification programs are recognized by EC as meeting appropriate standards for quality in equestrian coaching:

  • Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) designation from CAC
  • International Group of Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ) International Trainers Passport
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) Certified Instructor
  • Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) - Level 2+
  • Canadian Pony Club (CPC) A

Certification/qualification programs

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Any national equestrian coaching certifications not currently recognized can apply to EC for review and recognition under the Coach Status program by contacting [email protected]


Coach Status

Coach Status verifies that coaches are insured, screened, and trained in all necessary safety measures. A Status provides recognition as an active coach, whether or not you are certified.

Coaches with registered or licensed status:

  • Commit to upholding the highest standards of practice
  • Complete Respect in Sport training (Manitoba coaches)
  • Are thoroughly screened (letters of reference, police background checks)
  • Are appropriately insured - 2023 Equine Professional Insurance
  • Hold coach certification (Licensed), or are actively engaged in coach training (Registered)

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Registered Coach

Self-declared coaches and instructors, including those working towards coach certification.

Registered status will be phased out by the end of 2024.



Licensed Coach

Coaches with extensive experience and verified expertise, through formal certification, education or validated practical experience



2024 EC Temporary Coach Status

Canadian coaches must hold a minimum Licenced EC Coach Status to coach at an EC-sanctioned competition.

·         Registered coaches, coaches listed as “Pending”, “Expired”, or with no status must purchase Temporary Coach Status.

·         Athletes aged 19+ may declare themselves to be Self-Coached by entering their own name and EC Sport Licence in the fields made available on the entry form.

·         Temporary Coach Status can be purchased in the MyEC portal for each event where needed

What is the role of the Competition Manager or OC with respect to Coaching Status?

  1. Ensure entry forms and prize lists are compliant with EC requirements.
  2. Check the status of all listed coaches against the EC database
  3. Ensure that any listed Coaches that do not hold Licenced Status have purchased Temporary Coach Status via their MyEC portal
Mandatory Safe Sport Training: 2024 & Beyond 

All Senior EC Sport Licence holders (ages 18+) must complete two (2) Safe Sport training modules offered at no cost via EC’s ECampus to EC members: Fostering Healthy Equestrian Environments AND EC Concussion Awareness. Course certificates for these modules are valid for a three-year period. In Manitoba, Respect in Sport training (offered at no cost via Sport Manitoba) is also mandatory.

 Sport Licence holders who have not yet completed the training will not be able to renew their 2024 Sport Licence until it is completed.

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