Membership Insurance Benefits

Membership Insurance Coverage

Insurance included and/or available as an option with MHC membership is provided to you through Acera Insurance Services Ltd., (formerly CapriCMW Insurance Services Ltd.) the licensed insurance broker and Administrator for the member insurance program. Any and all enquiries related to insurance MUST BE directed to Acera Insurance at 1-800-670-1877 (equine department). MHC is not licensed to sell or provide counsel on insurance coverage.

Insurance premiums are considered fully earned on the date of purchase. Memberships and insurance products cannot be cancelled, are non-refundable and expire December 31 of the member year.


Member Liability

Who: All current members in good standing with MHC

Amount: $5,000,000 Personal Liability insurance (subject to a deductible of $1,000 for Property Damage claims). There is no deductible for Bodily Injury claims.

What: Third-party liability insurance defends against lawsuits and/or settlements for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the non-commercial ownership and/or leasing of horses in the event that no other insurance is in effect. (For instance, if your horse caused harm to a third party.) This policy will act as an excess coverage if any other insurance is in place, and is valid worldwide.

Examples: The horse kicks or bites someone causing bodily injury. The horse kicks a car or escapes on to a neighbour's land causing property damage. 'Someone else' is holding your horse and the horse causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party.

Frequently Asked Questions

MHC Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Who: All current members under the age of 90 in good standing with MHC. 

Amount:  $40,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment

What:  A lump sum payment if you suffer from a listed (scheduled) injury that arises from participation in equine related activities, worldwide. Coverage excludes fracture, dental and loss of income, and does not provide partial disability benefits or loss of wages.

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Notice of any serious injury to a member must be given immediately or your coverage may become null and void. Coverage is in excess of any other insurance you carry, or is primary if you have no other insurance that could apply.

If you have any questions please contact Acera Insurance at 1-800-670-1877 or email [email protected]

How to make a claim

In the event of an accident, please contact Acera Insurance immediately at 1-800-670-1877. Manitoba Horse Council does not get involved in claim processes; it is entirely between yourself and the insurance company. 

What to do in the event of a claim

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Additional insurance packages available to MHC members

Individual and/or family members of Manitoba Horse Council who are resident in Canada are eligible to purchase the following optional insurance benefits. These coverages can be added to your MHC membership either online or by submitting the membership application form. All insurance programs are provided by Acera Insurance Services except for the travel option.

Please note, when insurances such as Members Named Perils and Equine Emergency Life Saving Surgery are purchased, the insured must be the owner of the equine. If there is part ownership, in the event of a claim only the percentage of ownership will be paid out on. (For instance, husband and wife jointly own a horse, only 50% will be paid to the owner.)

For more information on these insurances please follow the links. These insurances can be purchased online at the same time as membership, or at any time during the year. Coverage is for one year January 1 - December 31 (or from the date of purchase to December 31 of the same year).


Enhanced Accidental Death & Dismemberment – includes limited Fracture and Dental Benefits 

– $75,000 Individual ($45 member cost)

Provides an ADDITIONAL $75,000 Principal Sum AD&D and includes limited fracture and accidental dental benefits (Fracture up to $7,500 with helmet / $2,500 no helmet; Accidental Dental – up to $5,000).  Members must be under the age of 75 to qualify for this coverage. This option excludes claims for loss of income.

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Equine Emergency Life Saving Surgery – ($75 member cost)

This policy covers Equine Emergency Life Saving Surgery necessitated by accident or sickness, including colic surgery and fracture surgery, to a maximum limit of $2,500 for any one horse, any one loss, any one term. There is a $250 deductible.  PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a life insurance policy; NO DEATH BENEFIT is payable under this policy. This policy is restricted to one claim per year and must be purchased by the member who is the owner of the horse(s). To purchase this optional insurance, the member must also purchase 2019 Members Named Perils, $55 total combined cost, see next item.

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Members Named Perils – ($25 member cost)

Coverage for your own horses(s) in case of death resulting from one of the perils named in the policy, some of which are fire, lightning, collision/overturn of a conveyance in which a horse is being transported, attack by a dog or wild animal, windstorm, drowning, collapse of a building, and more. This insures up to a maximum of $10,000 for any one horse, and $10,000 maximum for any one registered member per policy. It can be applied regardless of the number of horses owned. Losses are restricted to one claim per year. The Members Named Perils policy will include compensation for government ordered destruction of horse. This coverage can be purchased independently of the Emergency Life Saving Surgery.

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Members Tack – ($50 member cost)

Broad coverage insurance for your tack up to $10,000 per member year subject to a $500 deductible for each claim. Do you need higher coverage? Contact Acera Insurance for more information at 1-800-670-1877 (Equine Department).  (Tack Insurance excludes horse drawn vehicles, carts, sleighs, carriages, articles of clothing or protective equipment worn by riders).

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Weekly Accident Indemnity – ($195 member cost)

Provides income replacement in the event the member is unable to work due to an accident which includes, but is not limited to, injuries arising from an equine related accident. Coverage provides up to a maximum of $500 per week for a maximum of 26 weeks (some restrictions apply). To qualify, you must be a resident of Canada, be an MHC member, be employed full time (minimum 25 hours with a single employer), be under the age of 70, and have filed an income tax return with Revenue Canada in the most recent tax year. A separate application/waiver form must be completed, signed and returned with payment to obtain this benefit. (The form will pop up automatically if you renew/start your membership online).

This optional coverage automatically provides AD&D coverage - including $50,000 Principal Sum for permanent and catastrophic injuries, There is also a Fracture Benefit of $7500/$2500 (helmet/no helmet) and a Dental Benefit of $5,000 Principal Sum.

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Travel Insurance (out of Province/Country)

$10,000,000 out of Province/Country coverage for Medical/Hospitalization including injuries arising from equine activity.  Acera has partnered with TUGO.

Visit TUGO website

Travel insurance must be purchased PRIOR to date of departure from province/territory of residence. 

Optional Travel Insurance


Club insurance

Liability coverage for horse shows/event is mandatory for clubs which are current members in good standing with the MHC. All individual members of clubs must also be members in good standing of Manitoba Horse Council at the time of the show/event.

Application Form

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance is available for purchase by MHC Clubs.

Individual members and clubs that are not members of MHC but wish to host a MHC sanctioned show/event must have Show/Event insurance and must provide a certificate of insurance, listing Manitoba Horse Council and Equestrian Canada as additional insureds in order for the show/event to be sanctioned. This coverage must include bodily injury coverage for participants.

Also note: MHC membership and insurance may be used to reduce rates and premiums when applying for other types of insurance (farm, horse, etc). This Summary of Insurance has been prepared for information purposes only. The insuring agreements, general terms, conditions and exclusions of the actual policy will govern specific application of the various coverages referred to herein. In all cases the actual policy documents will supersede the Summary of Insurance.

What to do in the event of a Claim

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Frequently Asked Questions about insurance


 I am a member of my Provincial / Territorial Equine Association. Does my insurance cover me at this time?

The coverages provided through individual / family membership are in full force and effect. Membership in our
insured provincial / territorial equine associations automatically includes two important coverages:

a. $5,000,000 Personal liability insurance designed to respond to claims brought against you should a personal use
horse you own, borrow, lease etc., cause BODILY INJURY or PROPERTY DAMAGE to someone / something else and
you are held legally liable.
b. $40,000 Accident, Death and Dismemberment insurance, which covers you if you suffer a serious or catastrophic
injury through an interaction with a horse (this policy does not cover losses arising from contraction of a disease).

When does my insurance take effect?

The policy is in effect from the date of purchase (receipt of payment) until December 31, 2023. Please contact Acera at 1-800-670-1877 or email [email protected] if you need to make a claim. Insurance claims cannot be made for losses/events incurred prior to the date of membership.

Does my Provincial Equine Association sell me insurance?

No, Acera Insurance Services is a licensed insurance broker and the Administrator for the member insurance program. Any and all enquiries related to the insurance program must be directed to Acera.

Does the included Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) or the Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) cover short term disability or lost wages.

No. These two policies do not provide short term or long term disability benefits, nor do they cover wages lost because you miss work.

What does the included Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) cover?

Permanent loss of vision, hearing, limb or movement, and death, as detailed in the policy wordings.

Does the Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage included in my Equine Association membership include fracture and dental?

No., however, if you purchase the Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), fracture and dental is included up to a $5,000 maximum for each. Sub-limits apply so please contact Acera for further information.


I need more coverage than this policy provides-where can I get it?

It is recommended that you investigate options to meet your personal needs which may involve other insurance sources.


What is considered to be commercial use of a horse?

Any equine activity from which you generate an income. This could include horses used on trail rides for the public, sleigh rides for the public, pack trips for the public and stallions used for breeding. It could also mean a part-board or lease situation if you receive more than the actual expenses of sharing the horse. Receiving shared expenses for the occasional transportation of someone’s horse is not considered commercial use.


I own a horse that I let a friend ride. I do not ask for money and am not paid for this, it is simply a favour. Does this create any problems with coverage?

Because of the inherent risks associated with the activity, we strongly recommend that anyone and everyone who rides your horse obtain and maintain membership in your equine association to take advantage of the insurance benefits provided. This is a prudent risk management practice.


I sometimes assist and share my horse knowledge with neighbours and friends, I am not compensated – am I covered?

If there is any compensation or commercial transaction involved (presumed or otherwise) no coverage will be provided. We recommend that all persons offering instruction obtain certification and appropriate insurance to protect themselves for claims arising from this activity.


I lease out my horse for part of the year. I am paid for the expenses of keeping the horse plus a small extra monthly amount, how does the insurance program deal with this situation?

If you receive any value in excess of your actual expenses it is considered commercial use and your policy will not respond. MHC recommends that you keep accurate records of income and expenses in order to minimise the risk of receiving value in excess of expenses.

What value is this coverage if I have home insurance with liability coverage extended to my horses?

Your home insurance may be limited. Many companies restrict coverage to your premises and do not cover riding activities off premises or at shows. Most also charge an additional premium. Membership includes $5,000,000 Liability on all your horses and with no premises restriction.


Are there any deductibles on the liability or transportation coverages?

Yes - a $1,000 deductible applies, but only on claims for damage to Property belonging to others.


I sometimes trailer horses for friends who reimburse me with cash for fuel expenses or buy me supper. How does the insurance respond to this aspect of trailering and taking compensation?

There is no problem in the case described as this situation does not represent an activity for profit.


Does the transportation coverage with my membership cover my horse if it dies during transportation?

No. The insurance protects you for your legal responsibility in the death or someone else’s horse – not your own horse – and the coverage is limited per horse and per accident.


Who determines the value of a horse after an accident while trailering and how much will be paid?

The actual amount paid is established by an insurance adjuster using all available information and from the equine industry at large concerning acceptable practices in establishing the value of a horse. ($10,000 per horse and $50,000 per accident are the maximums paid under the transportation section)


I am a member in good standing and compete out of province. Does this coverage follow me?

Yes. If your principal residence is in Canada, this insurance is world-wide coverage.


I board my horse at a friend’s place. If she is hurt while riding my horse, is she covered? Am I covered?

Are both parties members? If so, the injured person has coverage under the Automatic AD&D through their membership. The owner of the horse has coverage if the injured rider sues for bodily injury.


I board my horse. Does my membership insurance cover the owner or manager of the boarding facility?

No. They must arrange their own coverage for this and the other liability exposures on their own premises.


Does this insurance program cover my horse if it is injured or dies?

Yes and No (depending on the options purchased). The automatic liability insurance covers “you” if your horse causes injury or damage to another person which results in a law suit. If you also purchased the optional Member’s Named Perils you would have coverage for the the loss of your horse in certain circumstances. (Please check the policy wording.)


If I am not a Canadian Resident, can I still purchase the membership and do any of the coverages apply?

Coverage for non-residents is limited to liability claims that occur while participating in “approved” equine activities within Canada. The coverage will not extend to claims made or brought outside of Canada.

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