Membership Insurance Benefits

MHC Member Liability

Who: All current members in good standing with MHC

Amount: $5,000,000 Personal Liability insurance

$ 2,500 Medical Expenses

What: Third-party liability insurance defends against lawsuits and/or settlements for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the non-commercial ownership and/or leasing of horses in the event that no other insurance is in effect. (Eg. If your horse were to cause harm to a third party). This policy will act as an excess coverage if any other insurance is in place. This policy is valid worldwide.

MHC Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Who: All current members under the age of 70 in good standing with MHC 

Amount:  $25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment

What: Reimbursement to members who may become injured during horse-related sanctioned events under the supervision and at the direction of the Manitoba Horse Council, as well as during any horse-related activities including practice, training, and pleasure riding while not in attendance at a MHC sanctioned event. This policy is valid worldwide.

Additional Benefits:

$50,000 Paralysis

$10,000 Repatriation

$10,000 Rehabilitation

$10,000 Family Transportation

$5,000 maximum Medical Benefit

$5,000 maximum Educational Benefit

$300 maximum Fracture Reimbursement


Notice of any serious injury to a member must be given immediately or your coverage may become null and void. In order to be eligible for coverage under this program, the accident must have occurred while participating in a Manitoba Horse Council sanctioned event or other equine activity as outlined above.

BFL CANADA Risk & Insurance Services Inc.
Emergency AD&D Claim Phone Number: 1-416-420-1557

MHC Specified Perils Horse Insurance


All uninsured horses owned by current members in good standing with MHC


Should a loss occur, maximum limit of $10,000 per member if your horse is uninsured


If your horse is uninsured, this coverage protects your horse from the perils of fire, lightning, earthquake, flood, tornado, drowning, attack by wild animals, collapse of building/bridge, and collision/sinking/overturning of a conveying vehicle. This policy is valid in Canada and continental United States.

Other Additional Insurance Packages Available to MHC members

The following packages are not included with MHC membership, but are additional packages available to members in good standing with MHC. Discounted rates are available.

For more info on the below packages please contact  BFL CANADA Risk & Insurance Services Inc. direct at

Individual Horse Insurance (Full Mortality, Surgical, Medical, Loss of Use)
Farm Insurance
Coaching Insurance
Travel Health Insurance for Equestrians
Equine Veterinarian Insurance
Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
Liability for Horse Shows / Events

Liability coverage for horse shows / event is automatically included for clubs that are current members in good standing with the MHC.

Individual members and clubs that are not members of MHC but wish to host a MHC sanctioned show/event must have Show/Event insurance and must provide a certificate of insurance, listing Manitoba Horse Council and Equestrian Canada as additional insureds in order for the show/event to be sanctioned. This coverage must include bodily injury coverage for participants.

** Also note: MHC insurance may supplement other insurance you have in place (where permitted). MHC membership and insurance may be used to reduce rates and premiums when applying for other types of insurance (farm, horse, etc)**

This Summary of Insurance has been prepared for information purposes only. The insuring agreements, general terms, conditions and exclusions of the actual policy will govern specific application of the various coverages referred to herein. In all cases the actual policy documents will supersede the Summary of Insurance.

Insurance FAQs

1. My daughter owns a horse and sometimes lets her friend (a non-member) ride when she is over visiting. Will Manitoba Horse Council (MHC) insurance respond if there is an accident?

Yes, as long as your daughter is not being paid by her friend to ride the horse, the Member Liability will respond on your daughters behalf.

2. If my horse dies due to an accident, will the Member Liability Policy compensate me for his value?

No. The Liability policy will only respond for 3rd party bodily injury or property damage claims caused by a horse you own or lease. Members do have access to a Horse Mortality Package available at exclusive discount rates which will provide coverage for your horse. For members with uninsured horses, please see the Specified Perils policy listed above.

3. Is there a minimum age requirement in order to be covered by insurance through MHC?

No. Equestrians of any age can become MHC members and be covered by the insurance. The same goes for young exhibitors, provided they are following normal competition protocol (helmets, proper footwear, etc.)

4. If I get injured on my own horse, am I covered/insured with my MHC membership?

Membership with MHC includes Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. Please see the info listed on AD&D previously and in the question below.

5. I am a coach. Will the AD&D policy cover my lost wages if I am injured while riding and cannot teach for a period of time?

No, this policy does not replace lost wages. It provides coverage for paralysis, death or permanent, total disability. A fracture benefit is also included that will provide payment for out of pocket expenses such as ambulance charges, casts, etc. You should inquire about the Income Replacement policy available to those members who make their living in the horse industry.

6. I am teaching a 2 day clinic for one of MHCs member clubs. Why do I need to have insurance if the Club has a policy through Manitoba Horse Council?

The Member Club Policy will respond on behalf of the Club for incidents arising out of the clinic where there is bodily injury or property damage. You as a coach are a legal entity that can also be sued and should carry appropriate coverage for your activities. Through the MHC insurance program, a coaching liability policy is available for individuals who teach with rates exclusive to members.

7. Does MHC offer Liability Insurance coverage for its members?

Yes, if you have purchased membership with MHC, liability coverage for ownership of horses is included as part of your annual fee. The limit per occurrence is $5,000,000, as outlined above.

8. Does this policy provide Legal Defense Cost in the event that a member is sued for a negligent act resulting in bodily injury or property damage?

Yes; please see the Member Liability coverage outlined above. The MHC Member Liability policy is “Primary Liability Coverage”, which requires the insurer under standard commercial wordings to be bound with “a duty to defend”. This is not the case with “Excess Insurance Coverage” which is often provided through other membership programs.

9. If I have Member Liability Insurance coverage through my MHC membership and I lease my horse for the year, am I covered?

Yes, Manitoba Horse Council's Member Liability policy will cover you for horses that you own and/or lease to others. Some examples of our coverage are: i. The horse bites or kicks someone causing bodily injury ii. The horse kicks a car or trailer or escapes to a neighbour’s and causes property damage iii. The horse gets loose and runs on the road and causes property damage to a vehicle and/or injury to the passengers inside the vehicle

10. If I invite my friend over who does not have membership or insurance through MHC and allow them to ride my horse and he or she is injured, am I covered?

Yes, the MHC policy will respond.

11. If am travelling outside of Canada with my horse competing, am I covered?

Yes, the MHC Member Liability policy’s territorial limits are worldwide to accommodate those individuals competing abroad.

12. If my horse injures or damages a third party do I have to claim it on my house or horse insurance policy as well?

No, the MHC Member Liability policy is a Primary policy and does not require you to collect from multiple policies, unless the suit exceeds the $5,000,000 policy limit.

13. If my horse is a stallion, am I covered?

Yes, MHC is aware that there are stallions which also compete. If however you have a breeding stallion, you should consult your broker for additional commercial liability insurance requirements.

14. I rarely teach or coach using my horse but may do so once or twice a year. Am I covered for using the horse that way?

Yes, the MHC Member Liability policy will cover incidental teaching (once or twice a year); however, if this is a full time occupation you should purchase a commercial liability insurance policy.




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