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2017 Continuing Education Opportunities


The Equestrian Theory Course was developed to assist candidates in meeting the standard(s) at an Equine Canada Instructor and/or Coach Evaluation for certification.


Friday May 5thfrom 5:00 PM sharp to 9:00 PM

Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7thfrom 9:00 AM sharp to 5:00 PM

Sport for Life Centre is located at 145 Pacific Avenue Winnipeg, MB with all held in the Conference Room A for all courses

COST for the 2 ½ day session is$275 (includes GST) AND includes:

  • ability to do the on-line Making Ethical Decisions Evaluation without any additional fee (approx. $85 value) given you’ll have attended the Equestrian Theory Course’s Making Ethical Decisions module on May 5th
  • course materials (approx. $100 value),
  • complimentary muffins on May 5th, lunch with morning snacks on May 6th and 7th (approx. $25 value).

REGISTRATION – DEADLINE Friday April 21st 2017

  • Please complete an Equestrian Theory Course Registration Form (attached below for your convenience)
  • Remit completed registration form with cheque (payable to Manitoba Horse Council) for $275.00 via mail to:

Manitoba Horse Council, 145 Pacific Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6

You can call the MHC office at 204-925-5719 to register and pay by credit card.


FRIDAY May 5th (Muffins will be provided for a snack, Please feel free to bring a bagged lunch)

Making Ethical Decisions - attendance at the Equestrian Theory Course Making Ethical Decisions module will allow the participant to do the on-line Evaluation without any additional fee which is normally approximately $85.00.

  • As an Instructor/Coach, you will be faced with sensitive situations that require decisions and actions on your part. This module immerses you in: analyzing sensitive situations, dealing with both ethical and legal issues, weighing the options available and how to make the right choice between the options, applying the ethical decision making process and managing the consequences.

SATURDAY May 6th and SUNDAY May 7th (Includes lunch& morning snacks on both days)

Teaching and Learning in the Equestrian Environment

  • Instructor/Coaches develop/improve/enhance their teaching skills during this module.
  • The main intent is to assist the Instructor/Coach’s ability to promote learning and retention by their athletes.
  • These skills will be demonstrated when the candidate develops the content of their Lesson Plans for the Evaluation.
  • This module does not promote making “cookie-cutter” Instructor/Coaches but it encourages the education and enhancement of their individual styles and skills.

Planning a Practice in the Equestrian Environment

  • Instructor/Coaches are familiarized with the logistics of Lesson Planning and Emergency Action Plans (EAP).
  • Participants work cooperatively in group settings to identify an athlete’s physical maturity, plan an activity to develop a basic skill then adapt the activity to make it fun, motivating and challenging.
  • Templates and Lesson Plan HELP sheets are provided to assist the participant in Lesson Planning and EAP development for the Evaluation.
  • This module applies to all lesson planning.

Analyzing Performance in the Equestrian Environment

  • Instructor/Coaches must be able to observe and detect athlete’s position errors.
  • Still pictures and videos will be utilized to assist participants in learning how to analyze the performance of athletes.
  • Detection and correction will be done through group activities and individual observations.
  • Effective analyzing performance is required in all of the lessons the candidate teaches during the Evaluation; Mounted, Unmounted, Lunging and, if taught, Jumping.



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