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2021 Continuing Education Opportunities


Fall Camp! - October 8, 9,10, 2021 (Deadline September 27)

 A slate of valuable sessions covering the theory skills which are valuable for those going forward for Coach Evaluation. For instance, Emergency Action Plan, Writing a Lesson Plan, Yearly Training Plan, etc. Multi-level sessions for Instructor, Competition Coach, and Competition Coach Specialist, and a mix of online and in-person classes. Includes in-person lunging and mentorship opportunities.
Please note that all attendees will be required to comply with Manitoba Covid mandates current on the day of the event.
Upon registration your application will be reviewed to ensure you are registering for the course appropriate to your experience. An invoice will be sent once this is confirmed and should be paid in full prior to course date by cheque, credit card or e-transfer. Provincial grants may be available to registrants; details will be sent with your invoice. Zoom sessions will not be recorded for future viewing; in-person sessions may be available in Winnipeg and/or Brandon depending on the participants who register. Missed sessions cannot be reimbursed. Registration closing date is September 27, 2021.

More information at this link

Camp registration form

Officials Events

Bonus for EC Certified Coaches! An auditing price has been set for coaches to attend to gain knowledge and add to PD points. No officials accreditation will be acquired. Only $50 per event: see MHC's Officials web page

Coach Evaluations will take place:

Western: November 5, 2021

English: November 27/28, 2021

  • Please note MHC will not be organizing Rider Level evaluations prior to Coaching evaluations. Potential coach candidates will have to organize their own private Rider Level evaluation prior to the Coaching evaluation. If you are unsure about how to do this, please contact the MHC office for help getting started. 

Mini Master Classes resume online November 7, 2021

Twelve online sessions covering some of the most important equine management issues; of interest to coaches and riders alike. 

$25 per individual session; 15% discount if you book 3 or more. Zoom links will be sent on receipt of payment.

Asterisked courses are offered to MHC Officials at a preferential price. 

Register here:

Event Date Registration Deadline Topic Discipline
2021-11-07 2021-11-03 MMC Bandages General
2021-11-14 2021-11-10 MMC Stable Management Part 1 General
2021-11-21 2021-11-17 MMC Stable Management Part 2 General
2021-12-19 2021-12-15 MMC Conformation General
2022-01-02 2022-12-29 MMC General unsoundness* General
2022-01-09 2022-01-05 MMC The hoof and unsoundness General
2022-01-16 2022-01-12 MMC Teeth and dentistry General
2022-02-06 2022-02-02 MMC Soft Skills* General
2021-12-05 2021-12-01 MMC Western Tack/boots* Western
2022-01-30 2022-01-26 MMC Western Lunging Western
2021-12-12 2021-12-08 MMC English Tack/boots* English
2022-01-23 2022-01-19 MMC English Lunging English


Coach Appreciation! November 29, 2021.

 Planning for a multi-media event, Hall of Fame, Sport Manitoba, Winnipeg PLUS online through Zoom. More details to come.

Coach Developer Professional Development Month 2021: Rebuilding Connections. October 2 - 30, 2021

Coaches of Ontario “Coach Developer Professional Development Month 2021: Rebuilding Connections”. There is a course for online training for Learning Facilitators which some of you might be interested in on Oct. 27th which is free. The sessions are worth either 1 or 2 PD pts. For more information, go to:

Equestrian Canada/Coaches Association of Ontario online courses

EC's ECampus’s live training calendar includes a suite of online NCCP Multi-sport Training Modules tailored to equestrian coaches, offered as a result of EC’s strengthened partnership with the CAC’s Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives. The Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO) is graciously supporting the first wave of training modules.

  • NCCP Make Ethical Decisions
  • NCCP Teaching and Learning
  • NCCP Psychology of Performance
  • NCCP Leading Drug-Free Sport
  • NCCP Developing Athletic Abilities

Additionally, EC has developed three NCCP Equestrian-specific Training Modules:

  • EC/NCCP Long-Term Equestrian Development
  • EC/NCCP Design an Equestrian Sport Program
  • EC/NCCP Plan an Equestrian Practice

For information and how to access these courses through MyEC, follow this link.

Planned for 2022

English & Western Rider Level Information Evenings

Want to know where you might be within the Ec Rider level program?  Want to know the standards for EC Rider level for your discipline?  This is the information night for you!  We will be covering each of the rider levels in enough detail to allow you to understand how the rider levels work, what kind of knowledge you need to know for the rider levels and how to proceed to achieve them. Watch for the next sessions to be announced.

English & Western Coach Evaluation Information Evenings for Instructor, Competition Coaches

From 2022 an EC Coach Licence will be required for anyone coaching at an EC sanctioned show. An EC Coach Certification is becoming a critical part of the Coach Licence. Want to have a better understanding of how to become certified and the steps you need to take to get there?  These are the information nights for you!  We will be covering all you need to do, and minimum standards for certification for each of the disciplines. 


Online Multi-Sport courses available through Sport Manitoba

Go to for current programs. Remember, as a Certified Equestrian Canada coach your PD points should come 50% from clinics, volunteering and other professional activities; the other 50% should come from NCCP courses.

Grant opportunities from Sport Manitoba

Please contact the following Sport Manitoba Regional Office staff to discuss opportunities to assist your attendance at any Coaching event.

East Region                                                                                  
Regional Sport Development Officer: Shannon Schade                                                                           
Cell: 204-268-0153     E-mail: [email protected]       

North Region                                      
Regional Sport Development Officer:  Iris Murray
Cell: 204-679-6550     E-mail: [email protected]

South Region                                                                                                         
Regional Sport Development Officer:  Leanne Traynor                                                                           
Cell: 204-362-0452     E-mail: [email protected]

West Region
Regional Sport Development Officer:   Amy Gabler
Cell: 204-720-0127     E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Winnipeg Region
Sport Development Officer:    Amanda Daurie
Office: 204-925-5907   Cell: 204-223-4078     E-mail: [email protected]

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April 2020: COVID-19 Newsletter

March 2020: March newsletter: Upcoming courses, coach licensing 

July 2019: Upcoming Fall Courses. 

May 2019: Equestrian Canada Coach Licensing Survey. Equestrian Canada's proposed coach licensing program

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