Ride and Drive Rewards Program


A Reward Program for Recreational Riders and Drivers



MHC wants to reward our recreational members of all ages for having fun with their horses!

How to earn rewards:
  1. Hold a recreational MHC membership
  2. Register for the Ride & Drive Program
  3. Submit your hours through our online portal (you will receive this information when you register)


Ride and Drive Rewards

We update our prizes each year but you will receive a gift at each of the following milestones:
1) 100 hours
2) 250 hours
3) 500 hours
4) 750 hours
5) 1000 hours
6) 1500 hours
7) 2000 hours
8) 3000 hours
9) 4000 hours 
10) 5000 hours

Thank you to our Ride & Drive Sponsors – Greenhawk Winnipeg


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