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Learn to Ride

The following riding/driving programs are supported by MHC. Ask your coach/instructor/trainer which program they use in their lessons.

Only EC Licensed and certified coaches/instructors can evaluate riders in the EC Learn to Ride Program

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The Equestrian Canada (EC), Learn to Ride program is aimed at individuals who wish to become well-rounded riders, able to care for, understand and ride their horses in a correct and safe manner. The Program is available for both English and Western Disciplines.

English Rider Level 1

Introduces the basics of horsemanship and rider skills covering the basics of riding progressing in skill and learning to Level 10 for high performance athletes.

Western Rider Levels 1-4

Begins with the basics and progresses to speed and performance classes.

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The Learn to Ride program is designed to be guided by a Certified Instructor or Coach, to ensure that the concepts are clearly understood before the rider progresses to more challenging levels. The program provides an opportunity for riders to progress, demonstrating their skills through a series of increasingly complex written tests, interviews and riding (jump and flat) tests. The program is the starting point for those wishing to become EC-certified Instructors and Coaches.

Progression through the program is acknowledged with a certificate and badge for each Rider Level attained.

Rider Level Manuals may also be purchased at Greenhawk in Winnipeg.

Who can evaluate English Rider Levels (pdf)
Who can evaluate Western Rider Levels (pdf)


2022 English Rider Level Study Guide
Application to Host English or Western Rider Evaluations
Application for rider(s) to undergo evaluations
Acknowledgement of Risk and Liability - all participants over 18
Acknowledgement of Risk and Liability - all participants under 18
English Rider Level 1 Rubric
English Rider Level 3 Rubric
English Rider Level 4 Rubric
English Rider Level 5 Rubric
English Rider Level 6 Rubric
English Rider Level 7 Rubric
Western Rider 1  Rubric
Western Rider 2 Rubric
Western Rider 3 Rubric
Western Rider 4 Rubric
English Rider Level 8 Rubric
English Rider Level 6 Challenge Rubric
English Rider Level 7 Challenge Rubric
English Rider Level 8 Challenge Rubric
English Rider Level 9 Challenge Rubric
Western Rider Intermediate Manual (2014 - for free download)
EC Stable Management Study Guide
Coaching Privacy release
Equestrian Canada Coach Operations Guide 2020

If you have the Rider Level books published before September 2022, you should download the following errata sheets. 

Rider Level 1-2 Errata
Rider Level 3-5 Errata
Rider Level 6-8 Errata

P'tit Trot

P’tit Trot is an exciting program for children ages 5 years old and up, who love horses and want to learn more about the equestrian world. The P’tit Trot program is devoted solely to the initiation of equitation and general horsemanship, allowing children to discover the pleasures of English & Western disciplines as well as an introduction to trail riding and developing proper knowledge on how to care for the horse.

The P’tit Trot book is lavishly illustrated throughout and introduces familiar characters for the children to follow and relate to. Each book is divided into 4 chapters – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum with each chapter building on the previous skill set. In addition to the illustrated manual that supports practical teaching, a game book allows the child to reinforce the knowledge gained while having fun. At each level attained (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) the young rider receives a certificate of achievement.
This program offers a fun way to discover the wonderful world of horses. It contributes to acquiring various motor and technical skills and encourages children to be physically active, and gaining confidence & self-esteem as they progress through the program. Additionally, this program falls into the “Fundamentals” stage of the Long Term Equestrian Development model.

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EC Certified Coaches are invited to use this entertaining and educational program, which is ideal for young horse lovers. This program can also be used to prepare and support activities offered at riding camps and/or as a preparation tool to begin the Equestrian Canada (EC) English or Western Learn to Ride levels. A Coach guide is available to help deliver this program.

Program Cost and Package Info

P’tit Trot program packages are available for purchase through the Manitoba Horse Council office at $35.00 plus GST & postage per package.
Included in each program package is the following:

  •  Manual
  • Certificate of achievement for each level (bronze, silver, gold and platinum)
  • Game book
  • P’tit trot sport pack
  • User guide
  • Activity sheets & answer key
  • Progress report

Special thank you to Cheval Quebec for allowing MHC members to use this program.
Contact [email protected]  for more information.
If you are an NCCP certified Instructor/Coach wishing to purchase a large volume of packages please contact the MHC office directly for preferred pricing.

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