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About Manitoba Horse Council

Manitoba Horse Council (MHC) is a not-for-profit organization representing clubs and individual members involved in equine activity in Manitoba. MHC is the recognized governing body for equestrian sport in the province; providing support, leadership and resources to develop athletes and protect the interests of Manitoba's equestrian enthusiasts. 



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Sponsors allow Horse Council to support our members with resources, programs and discounts. If you're in the business of serving people, we have a diverse group of passionate people involved in all levels of Manitoba's equine industry who may be interested in your products and services. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

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Diane David - Executive Director
(204) 925-5719
Email: [email protected]

Kylee Tonita - Administrator
Coaching, Officials & Events
Email: [email protected]

Kelly Roe - Manager
Equestrian Facility
(204) 799-5941 phone/text (April to Oct)