Becoming a Coach

How to become an EC NCCP Certified Instructor or Coach

MHC is responsible for administering the Equestrian Canada National Coaching Certification Program (EC NCCP).  Learn about the coaching program available to make the equestrian experience safe and enjoyable for all participants, horse and human, and to develop excellence in horsemanship. 

Coach Certification is the educational process to become a coach.

The Six Steps to Certification:

  1. Identify the appropriate certification
  2. Register with MHC
  3. Understand the coach pathway (starting with EC Rider Levels)
  4. Complete the Pre-requisites (can take up to 6-8 weeks)
  5. Formally apply
  6. Evaluation

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EC Rider Levels


What is the English Rider Program?

The EC English Learn to Ride Program was developed for individuals who wish to learn safe horsemanship and practices. The purpose of this program is to produce safe and knowledgeable horsemanship and to assist in the development of future instructors and coaches.

The Rider Level 1-10 program has been tailored to further assist those riders who seek to further their riding skills on the flat but who may not wish to continue over fences. Candidates will have the option at Rider Level 3 to either take the full riding phase or the flat-only section. This option is continued through Rider Levels 4-10.

Candidates intending to pursue their instructor or coach levels should carefully consider the following:
  • Those candidates who wish to attain their instructor certification must successfully pass either the full riding OR the flat phase at Rider 6.
  • The Practical Horse Knowledge/Written/Lunging Phases must also be completed. If an instructor candidate wishes to teach over fences then the candidate would be required to complete the full Rider 6 exam.
  • Those candidates who wish to attain their Competition Coach certification will need to ensure they complete full rider levels up to and including Rider 8.


What is expected from each level?

Click on the level to view the rubrics.

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7, Level 8

The manuals are $30.00/book plus tax and shipping (if applicable).

Western Rider Program

This program has been developed for those individuals who wish to learn safe horsemanship skills and practices on a national standard under the guidance of a Certified Western Coach/Instructor. The purpose of this program is to provide a systematic process for new riders to enable a safe and knowledgeable introduction to Western riding. The manual has been designed to be delivered by a Certified Western Coach/Instructor and is intended to be a learning aid.

As a prerequisite to Instructor/Coach Certification:

  • Candidates who wish to attain their Instructor Certification must successfully complete levels 1-4
  • Candidates who wish to attain their Coach certification will be required to complete levels 1-4 and the Basic Training Component of the Intermediate Rider program and may be required to complete other components as seen fit depending on the level of coaching they wish to attain.


What is expected from each level?

Click on the level to view the rubrics.

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4

The manual is $15.00 plus GST and Shipping (if applicable)

Applying for Coach Status

Coach Status is like a driver's license; it must be current and renewed in order to instruct/coach. It is the screening process. All active coaches and instructors in the equine industry are encouraged to strive for Licensed Coach Status. This will be required for all coaches by 2025. Please refer to the phased-in timeline for formal competition and program access requirements.

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Maintaining Certification

Professional Development Points Grid

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Any NCCP PD events will be added directly to the Locker. Other events will require completion of the Update Form (above) signed by the facilitator. Online courses will require proof of attendance, which could be a confirming email from the course manager. PD points which are not NCCP should be forwarded to [email protected] for entry in the locker.

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