Becoming a Coach

How to Become an NCCP Certified Equestrian Coach or Instructor

STEP 1 - Identify the certification you are best suited for

Instructor: Specializes in introducing beginners to non-competitive or recreational riding and/or driving.

Available certificates:

  • Instructor
    • English
    • Western
    • Driving
    • Saddle Seat

Please note: NCCP Certified Instructors may maintain amateur competitive status while receiving remuneration for instructing.

Coach: Specializes in working with athletes actively competing in equestrian sport. This stream allows a coach to progress through competitive levels and specialize in a discipline.

Available certificates:

  • Competition Coach
    • English
    • Western
  • Competition Coach Specialist
    • Dressage
    • Eventing
    • General Performance
    • Jumping
    • Reining
    • Speed Events
  • High Performance 1 Coach
    • Dressage
    • Eventing
    • Jumping
    • Reining

STEP 2 - Complete the admission requirements

The general admission requirements for all certification programs are as follows. Once completed, please submit the originals to Manitoba Horse Council office for verification. They will be returned.

"The Locker" will be mentioned throughout the Coaching process. It is the database managed by the National Coach Association of Canada (NCCP) and maintains records of all your coaching activities. Here is some information about using the Locker and getting an NCCP number

  • Complete the appropriate Rider Level for the Coaching Certification being applied for.
  • Criminal Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Check. Residents of Winnipeg please attend at Winnipeg Police Service to obtain the hard copy of the checks for submission to Manitoba Horse Council. Those living outside Winnipeg should attend their local RCMP office to have the check completed. The CRC should be renewed every 5 years at Sterling Backcheck through Sport Manitoba portal.)
  • One-time Child Abuse Registry Check. This will subsequently appear on your 5-yearly Sterling Backcheck renewal.
  • Current First Aid Certificate (CPR/AED). Either St John's Ambulance OR Canadian Red Cross.
  • Create an NCCP Locker account
  • Complete the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation. Note that equestrian-specific MED is also included in the Equestrian Theory Workshop offered as part of the 4-module Instructor course, so it may be better to wait for a course rather than proceed individually. Attendance at a stand-alone workshop is $35 and the subsequent online evaluation is then free. Taken directly online without the workshop, the course is $85.
  • Complete Sport Manitoba's "Respect In Sport" online program (renewable every 5 years). When you complete your profile, please make sure to check the button to "Allow communication to the NCCP". This will place the result directly in your Locker, and also ensure you receive a reminder when your certificate requires renewal.
  • Sign the following documents with a current Coach Developer or member of Manitoba Horse Council staff (see Step 3):
  • Obtain the appropriate level of EC Sport Licence for the current year
    • Instructor and Competition Coach certification: Bronze Sport Licence
    • Competition Coach Specialist certification: Silver Sport Licence
    • High Performance 1 certification: Gold Sport Licence
  • Complete the NCCP Making Head Way in Sport concussion evaluation through your NCCP Locker account.

Depending on the specific certification you choose, additional admissions requirements may apply:

STEP 3 – Formally apply

The application process for NCCP certification varies depending on the specific certificate you are interested in pursuing.

The following certifications are administered by the Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs):

  • Instructor 
  • Competition Coach
  • Competition Coach Specialist

To apply for one of the certificates above, contact your PTSO.

The following certificate is administered by EC:

  • High Performance 1 Coach

To apply for the High Performance 1 Coach certification, contact Equestrian Canada Technical Development toll free at 1-866-282-8395 x 116.

STEP 4 – Be evaluated

The evaluation process provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your competency based on NCCP standards. The evaluation requirements can vary depending on the certification you choose, however the general procedure is as follows:

  • Portfolio Evaluation: Submit a written portfolio (content requirements vary by certification).
  • Observable Evaluation: An evaluator observes you teaching a lesson. Competition Coach Specialist and High Performance 1 Coach candidates are also required to undergo observation while teaching at a competition.

Once you have completed the evaluations, your results will be submitted to your PTSO (for Instructor, Competition Coach and Competition Coach Specialist certifications) or EC (for High Performance 1 Coach certification), whether successful or unsuccessful, will be submitted to the PTSO or EC by your Evaluator. Once processed, the results will be confirmed in your NCCP locker account.

EC Code of Ethics
Coaching Code of Conduct
Competition Coach Admissions Requirements
High Performance 1 Admissions Requirements
Instructor Admissions Requirements

Competition Coach Specialist Admissions Requirements

For your own security, it is recommended that you have adequate insurance when you operate as a coach. Capri Insurance is Manitoba Horse Council's insurer of choice, and offers a 10% discount on Coach Insurance. See the application form here.


For questions regarding the EC Coaching Program, please contact:

Equestrian Canada
Coaching Program



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