Competition Organizers

Equestrian Canada Sanctioned Competitions

The following Bronze and Silver competitions are approved by Manitoba Horse Council.

1. Hunter/Jumper Competitions
2. Dressage Competitions
3. Breed Competitions

  • All Platinum, Gold, Bronze/Gold or Silver/Gold competitions are approved by EC.
  • Competitions are not permitted to host multiple disciplines at a single competition, unless permission is granted by EC. E.g. A dressage competition may not hold a hunter/jumper portion unless given written permission from EC.
  • Manitoba Bronze and Silver EC Sanctioned Shows/Competitions are to contact the MHC office directly.

Forms to be used by Competition Organizers are available at Equestrian Canada

Also please check the Stewards Hub


Emergency Plan Required for all EC Competitions

Download the Equestrian Canada Emergency Planning Guide

Emergency planning is required of all event organizers, no matter the level of competition. It involves five stages:
1. identification of potential risk (in and out of our controls),
2. prevention of risk,
3. the response or solution,
4. mitigation of the problem, and
5. finally recovery or back to play.

The purpose of this guide is to provide all Canadian competition organizers and officials with a consistent base plan and guidelines including specific mandatory responses in cases such as lightning or a catastrophic accident to horse or human.  Each competition, event and discipline has its own identity and specific needs. This is recognized and appreciated and the expectation of Equestrian Canada is that each competition will have its own unique emergency action plan appropriate to its own needs but incorporating those mandatory requirements. It is an Equestrian Canada rule that every competition has an emergency action plan.

Payment of Officials

Manitoba Horse Council strongly recommends the following best practices in the hiring of competition officials:

  • A written contract between the competition and official(s) drafted and signed well in advance of the competition

  • A business number and invoice provided to the competition by the official(s) for his or her services

  •  If the official(s) cannot provide a business number and invoice for his or her services, the competition is strongly advised to issue a T4A slip, available from Canada Revenue Agency




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