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Equestrian Canada-certified officials of all types can be found in the Equestrian Canada (EC) Officials Database

At the above link, conduct a search for the province of Manitoba to pull up all Manitoba EC-certified officials, or search a discipline, name etc.

EC and FEI Officials

General Performance and Western Judges
  Wendy Robinson - Recorded - GP and Western
  Betty-Ann McPhedran - Recorded General Performance

Dressage Judges
   Elaine Banfield - Medium
   Ashley Fudge - Recorded

Dressage Stewards
   Susan Adey Bagg - Senior
   Ruth Hoeschen - Basic

Jumper Judges
  Billy Wiltshire - Senior
  Alexa Knox - Senior
  John Biron - Recorded
  Sean Adams - Recorded

Hunter Judges
   Alexa Knox - Recorded

Western Dressage Association of Canada Judges - information not available on EC
  Elaine Banfield
  Sarah Southwell
  Kayla Kuebler

General Stewards / Jumper Stewards
   Susan Adey Bagg - Senior, FEI level 2
   Jan Stephens - Senior, FEI level 3
   Rae Pratt - Senior, FEI level 1
   Geri Sweet - Senior, FEI level 1
   Maura Leahy - Recorded 2

Hunter  and Jumper Course Designers
   Terry Klassen - Recorded
    Hugh Crawley - Recorded

Endurance Judge
   Maura Leahy - FEI International
   Angela Lavallee – FEI level 2

Endurance Steward
   Maura Leahy - FEI level 2
   Geri Sweet - FEI level 1
   Angela Lavallee – FEI level 1

Endurance TD
   Maura Leahy - FEI International
   Angela Lavallee – FEI level 2

Eventing Steward
  Jan Stephens - FEI level 3

Eventing Course Designer
  Geri Sweet - Level 1

Eventing Judge
   Geri Sweet - Recorded

Eventing TD
   Geri Sweet - Level 3

Reining Steward
   Jan Stephens - FEI level 2

   Dr Glenn Sinclair - Dressage, Endurance (FEI level 3), Combined Driving, Eventing, Jumper, Reining - FEI Treatment Vet and Control Judge

MHC Provincial Officials

Western & General Performance Judges
   Sandy Donald
   Terry Fehr

   Ken Grainger




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