Competitions and COVID-19

As of March 15, 2022, it is anticipated that the details on this page are no longer applicable. If you would like Covid signage, declarations or waivers, please contact

The Return to Competition protocols will apply whether an event is:

  • formally sanctioned (such as EC Bronze, Silver, Gold competitions, etc.) or
  • nominally sanctioned by MHC because it is held by an MHC member club,

Various other groups unaffiliated with MHC may find the Return to Competition protocols and documents useful. It is the document approved by the province for any equestrian/riding activity, not solely Manitoba Horse Council member events,

With the Return to Competition protocols, various elements come into play:

Important notes:

Event organisers should produce a COVID-19 plan for each event they hold, and are encouraged to lodge with MHC for archive purposes prior to the event.

Daily health declarations from each event should be kept by the organiser for 21 days; liability waivers and releases should be kept for 3 years. MHC can store these liability waivers and releases for the required period, with your list of event attendees. See the storage cover sheet below in "Useful documents".


Advice on contact tracing documentation

Checklist for Facility Owners

Checklist for Organizer and Essential Service Providers

Checklist for Parents/Guardians of Participants

Checklist for Participants

Daily COVID-19 Attestation and Agreement

Daily COVID-19 Attestation and Agreement Fillable

Sample Checklist COVID Screening

Sample Checklist COVID Screening Fillable

Sample Club Activity Waiver and Release

Sample Club Activity Waiver and Release Fillable

Sample Facility Waiver and Release

Sample Facility Waiver and Release Fillable

Sample Participant Waiver and Release

Sample Participant Waiver and Release Fillable

EC Policy for Enhanced Competition Safety

Cover sheet for archived document bundle 

Sample Check List for planning an event

CapriCMW Insurance Precautions for Equestrians

Covid Prefect - Outline of activities


Provincial signage:

Stop, do not enter if...

Should I get tested?

Keep your distance

Precautions to follow

Handwashing protocol

Hand Hygiene

No Access - Event Participants Only

The following signage also available through MHC (pricing for MHC member clubs: 12" x 18" free including shipping; 18" x 36" coreplast $27.50 plus shipping)

Hand Sanitizer Large 

Hand Sanitizer Small

Hand Washing Large 

Hand Washing Small

Physical Distancing Large 

Physical Distancing Small

Self Screen Large

Self Screen Small

















Are you holding an event?

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Event Organizers

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