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What is the Manitoba Premises Identification program?

Prepared by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI), the Manitoba Premises Identification program is designed to protect, plan for, and manage livestock, poultry, and equines in health and food safety emergencies by linking animals to a specific location. Examples of emergencies include disease outbreak, flood, or other disaster.

The Manitoba Premises Identification (ID) program is now mandatory for equine property owners.

Only have a horse or two in your backyard? Premises identification is for all equine property owners. No herd or flock too small for a premises identification number. CLICK HERE to view the Manitoba Government article titled as such, dated December 12, 2011.

How do I obtain a Premises ID number for my property?

Application Form:

Identifying your premises is even simpler now! We now have an application form that is easier to use! You can type in your basic info, click on more info while filling it out, save and email it to [email protected] (We still have paper copies as well for those that are interested).


What is the West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative, and how does it relate?

The Canadian Zoning Committee, in an effort to reduce the impact of a foreign animal disease outbreak, has collaboratively developed the West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative. Zoning enables quick containment of a foreign animal disease and provides evidence of disease freedom by monitoring the movement of animals across the zone boundary.

West Hawk Lake control site, located on the Manitoba-Ontario border, is open 24/7 to collect critical information about the transport of animals, such as departure and destination premises identifiers or legal land descriptions and a description of the animals. Premises ID numbers are a valuable piece of this information.

West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative has partnered with MAFRI and can assist equine property holders who intend to transport their animals obtain premises identification numbers.

CLICK HERE for a brochure and further information.

Please also visit or 1-877-966-3945 for more information.


MHC Equestrian Centre Premises ID

The premises identification number for the MHC Equestrian Centre in Birds Hill Park is MB1014806.

See above and obtain an identification number for your property today.




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