2023 EC Temporary Coach Status 

In response to Sport Canada’s mandate that all national sport organizations create robust coaching certification programs with a focus on athlete safety and inclusivity, the EC Coach Status program was launched in 2021. The EC Coach Status program is a multi-year coaching development pathway that will see all Canadian coaches and instructors who participate in EC-sanctioned events holding Licensed Coach status by the end of 2025.  

In 2023, minimum Coach Status requirements will be enforced at all EC-sanctioned events. Recognizing some coaches will not have completed their EC Coach Status requirements when enforcement begins, the EC Board approved Temporary Coach Status (TCS) for the 2023 show season. Temporary Coach Status (TCS) will come into effect on July 1, 2023.  

·         <!--[endif]-->From January 1 through June 30, 2023, Canadian coaches will be permitted to participate in EC-sanctioned events regardless of EC Coach Status.  

·         <!--[endif]-->The mid-year implementation of TCS provides coaches with a window of time to achieve EC Licensed Coach status between the date of announcement and the date of implementation. 



Why is EC implementing Temporary Coach Status? TCS enables those working toward earning EC coach status to continue coaching athletes at EC-sanctioned events. TCS acknowledges the efforts and dedication of the many coaches who have already earned EC Coach Status; monies collected through TCS will fund educational opportunities for those holding EC Registered and EC Licensed Coach status. 

Who is required to pay Temporary Coach Status fees? 

TCS applies to Canadian-residents coaching one or more athletes at any EC-sanctioned event and who do not meet minimum EC Coach Status requirements as listed below: 


Event Sanctioning 

Minimum Coaching Requirement in 2023 

EC Bronze and/or Silver 

EC Registered Coach Status 

EC Gold and/or Platinum

EC Licensed Coach Status 


How much will Temporary Coach Status cost? 

The fee is determined by the event sanctioning level and the individual coach’s EC Coach Status. TCS is valid for one (1) EC-sanctioned event only. The TCS fee will increase annually until it is retired at the end of 2025. 


Event Sanctioning 

Temporary Coach Status Fee 2023 

I do not have a valid 

EC Coach Status 

I am an 

EC Registered Coach 

I am an  

EC Licensed Coach 

EC Bronze and/or Silver 

$100.00 per event 

Not applicable 

Not applicable 

EC Gold and/or Platinum 

$100.00 per event 

$25.00 per event 

Not applicable 


How is Temporary Coach Status obtained?  

Coaches complete a TCS Form and submit this to the show office with appropriate payment. The show office will not issue numbers to athletes of any coach with insufficient coaching status until the TCS form and fee has been submitted. 

·         <!--[endif]-->The TCS Form will be available online; coaches are encouraged to complete and print the form before arriving at the show office to expedite processing. 

·         <!--[endif]-->TCS Forms submitted without payment are incomplete.  

The TCS fee may not be added to a trainer split or applied to one or more athletes’ show bill without written consent from those included on the split and/or bill(s). This fee is to be incurred by the coach and not the athlete(s). 

I am self-coached. Does this apply to me?  

If you are over the age of 18, you may declare yourself as self-coached on any EC entry form and you will be exempted from the TCS fee. No athlete under 18 is permitted to declare themselves self-coached for safety and liability reasons.  

I only coach my child or another member of my immediate family. Am I still required to apply for TCS?  

Yes, if you are a Canadian-resident and you are listed as the coach on the entry form for an EC-sanctioned event you must either meet the minimum EC coach status requirement OR obtain Temporary Coach Status. This applies whether you are coaching one athlete or multiple athletes at any given EC-sanctioned event. 

I am a coach, but I am not a Canadian citizen. Does this fee apply to me?  

Currently, EC Coach Status requirements are only for those whose primary place of residence and coaching practices are within Canadian borders. Those whose primary place of residence is outside of Canada are considered International Coaches and are exempt from EC Coach Status requirements at this time. 

Will TCS be available for a limited time? 

TCS will be available at all EC-sanctioned events until January 31, 2025; after this date, only those holding EC Licensed Coach status will be permitted to coach at EC-sanctioned events. 



What is the difference between Coach Status and Coach Certification?

Coach Certification

Certification is the formal credentialing process that includes:

  • training through a recognized program such as the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP)
  • formal evaluation through independent assessment of coaching competencies, and
  • ongoing professional development requirements by a verified provider.

A certified coach is someone who demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. From embracing the Long Term Equestrian Development (LTED) pathway and the Rider Level program which sets out a standard for horsemanship and riding through progressive levels, to participating annually in professional development opportunities such as clinics, webinars, symposiums and other education to keep current with new approaches and advances in equestrian sports and coaching.

EC Recognized Certification Programs

In addition to EC/NCCP Certification, the following certification programs are recognized by EC as meeting appropriate standards for quality in equestrian coaching:

  • Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) designation from CAC
  • International Group of Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ) International Trainers Passport
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) Certified Instructor
  • Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) - Level 2+
  • Canadian Pony Club (CPC) A

For information about each of these certification/qualification programs: click here

Any national equestrian coaching certifications not currently recognized can apply to EC for review and recognition under the Coach Status program by contacting [email protected]

Coach Status

Coach Status verifies that coaches are insured, screened, and trained in all necessary safety measures. A Status provides recognition as an active coach, whether or not you are certified.

Coaches with registered or licensed status:

  • Commit to upholding the highest standards of practice
  • Complete Respect in Sport training (Manitoba coaches)
  • Are thoroughly screened (letters of reference, police background checks)
  • Are appropriately insured - 2023 Equine Professional Insurance
  • Hold coach certification (Licensed), or are actively engaged in coach training (Registered)

There are 2 types of Coach Status:


Registered Coach:

Self-declared coaches and instructors, including those working towards coach certification.

Registered status will be phased out by the end of 2024.




Licensed Coach:

Coaches with extensive experience and verified expertise, through formal certification, education or validated practical experience.

For more information on Coach Status including requirements and checklists: click here

Find a Coach - See Current Manitoba NCCP Certified Coach Directory


Sport Manitoba expects all athletes on the field of play to have a certified coach who understands and abides by the principles of Safe Sport. 

Manitoba Horse Council wishes to ensure that all equestrian and horse sport coaches, instructors, participants and trainers are aware of the Safe Sport elements expected at events. We know there are many self-declared coaches who are not certified working at non-EC sanctioned shows. There are three courses which coaches/trainers and/or athletes need to take to ensure understanding of these expectations. (Equestrian Canada Certified, Registered and Licensed coaches have already taken these courses). 

All must take:

1. Respect in Sport (free) –  Available at  Sport Manitoba has mandated Respect in Sport Activity Leaders course for all Manitoba Coaches.  Any other training, while good and is encouraged, cannot be substituted for credit for the RIS course. Use the link to make an account and log in, go into in the first tab in your Profile and check "Allow communication to the NCCP". This will place the result of your course directly in your Locker. On the second tab (Associations) you can see all the groups associated with Sport Manitoba. Scroll down to Horse Council and click to share. This ensures both your Locker and MHC's files are kept up to date. Adding your profile also assists MHC in sourcing funding from Sport Manitoba.

Choose one of these two courses:

  1. Making Headway (free).


  1. Make Ethical Decisions (MED). Available at The online workshop is $40, with subsequent free online evaluation. Evaluation is available at The cost for evaluation without the preliminary tutorial is $85.

These are multi-sport courses, so completion through another sport can be applied to equestrian and vice versa.

To take advantage of these courses, coaches must register with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) at, which allows access to the Locker where NCCP training is recorded. There is no cost to do this.

MHC has set a Safe Sport Fee of $5 to be implemented at non-EC sanctioned shows to encourage all coaches to understand the minimum expectations. The fee is collected by the Show Secretary; $2 remains with the organizing show and the other $3 is sent to MHC to go directly into the Coaching Budget to support coaching programming. The fee is assessed (per rider) on the coach who does not have an NCCP number with a Locker record of the courses taken. It is MHC's responsibility to verify the Coach's record.

Coach certification through the Certified Horsemanship Association or any other certification (except Equestrian Canada) does not forego the requirement for an NCCP number and completion of the courses noted above.

Remember if you are competing at a competition and you do not have/have not brought a coach, then YOU are your coach for that competition.


Here is the spreadsheet to record levies at a show: MHC Safe Sport Fee Form

If you have further questions or comments don’t hesitate to call 204-925-5719

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