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Which 2023 MHC membership is right for you?


Competing at horse shows during the year? You'll need competitive membership. For an adult, the cost is $68; for a junior (under 18) $57.  PLEASE NOTE: The membership system notes everyone's age as of January 1 - just like a horse!


Love to ride and be with your horse, but not into competing? A recreation membership, at $46 for any age, is for you.

Note: if you compete at all, even at a fun show, or just once a year, you must have a competitive membership. It's an easy online upgrade from recreation to competing, just for the difference in regular cost.

Other Options

Family memberships are also available for $136 (Competing) or $92 (Recreation). Can be two adults, or a youth (under 18) and an adult - plus $20 for each additional youth after the first two members, all living at the same address.

Golden memberships are available for individuals who compete and are between the ages of 70 and 90. $55

Friends of Horses Non-riders/drivers who don't own a horse and take part in horse activities occasionally. $32

Non-Residents of Canada Only the member liability coverage is available for non-Canadian residents while participating at an MHC sanctioned event or at an MHC Club Member event if the Club has its liability policy with CapriCMW Insurance Services.  Insurance inquiries must be directed to CapriCMW at 1-800-670-1877. 

For information on the many benefits of an MHC membership please click here

Need help?  Give the MHC office a call at 204-925-5719 

Memberships and Insurance products are non-refundable and expire on December 31.

CapriCMW Insurance Services Ltd. provides the insurance coverage included and/or available as an option with any MHC Membership.  MHC is not licensed to sell or provide counsel on insurance coverage.  Please contact CapriCMW Insurance directly for any questions regarding coverage, limitations, or exclusions at 1-800-670-1877 (Equine Dept).   

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The paper application and payment can be submitted via mail or email to [email protected] Membership can also be applied for, or renewed, via phone by contacting the MHC office at 204-925-5719. Payment by cheque, credit card or e-transfer. 

E-transfers are sent to [email protected]  (membership will not be complete until the e-transaction has been deposited). 



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