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Manitoba Horse Council (MHC) is a not-for-profit organization representing clubs and individual members involved in equine activity in Manitoba. MHC is the recognized governing body for equestrian sport in the province; providing support, leadership and resources to develop athletes and protect the interests of Manitoba's equestrian enthusiasts. Read more: Why your PTSO is important to you as a horse owner, rider, driver etc.



> COVID-19 Updates - July 17, 2021

The latest Public Health Order is in effect 12.01 am July 17, 2021, until August 7, 2021. The paragraphs which affect equestrians relate to indoor and outdoor sport, and day camps.

Order 18: Sporting and recreational facilities. Outdoor practices, games and competitions may take place with group sizes of up to 50 persons. Coaches, managers and officials do not count in the group size. In addition to the 50 participants, any number of spectators are allowed, however, these spectators must be physically distanced by 2m.  No multi team tournaments are allowed.  

Order 19: Indoor sporting and recreational facilities may open if the operator of the facility complies with all requirements of the Order  (ie group size, managmeent of cohorts, social distancing, sanitizing, social distancing etc. 

Individual play, group and individual instruction and team practices may take place at an indoor sporting facility but no organized team games or tournaments may be held. Groups must not exceed 25 persons, excluding coaches and officials. The number of people in dressing rooms (ie tack up areas, tack rooms) to be limited to 50% of the usual capacity or to a number that ensures a separation of at least two metres can be maintained, whichever is the lesser. Physical distancing must be observed and masks are mandatory for all indoor settings except when mounted*.

Order 13: Day Camps for children may open if the maximum size of any group of campers is 25 and no joint activities between groups take place. Campers should bring their own food and beverages or all food and beverages served at the camp should be individually packaged. Overnight camping activities are prohibited.

  • If you will be running a day camp, contact tracing measures should be in place and public health recommends you provide an after-hours contact name and phone number that would be checked on evenings and weekends to participants for the purpose of a COVID-19 investigation. More details are in this letter: Day Camp contact tracing

Normal Covid Protocols:  Whether indoors or outdoors, provincial requirements for social distancing, sanitizing of hands and equipment, etc, still prevail. Masks are mandated indoors except while mounted*; outdoors they are not mandated but recommended.

*Keep a mask close so it can be worn if a coach or other person comes within the social distance guideline. 

Provincial guidelines may be amended from time to time and it is the facility/event organizer's responsibility to be aware of any changes. The July 17  Public Health Order is at this link.

The website link gives details of support available for businesses.

What constitutes fully immuzed? See this link for explanation and link to get your immunization card.




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