Manitoba Horse Council

Manitoba Horse Council (MHC) is a not-for-profit organization representing clubs and individual members involved in equine activity in Manitoba. MHC is the recognized governing body for equestrian sport in the province; providing support, leadership and resources to develop athletes and protect the interests of Manitoba's equestrian enthusiasts. Read more: Why your PTSO is important to you as a horse owner, rider, driver etc.


Can you help horse owners in BC through their current State of Emergency? The flood waters in the lower regions continue to rise as the water from the higher elevations makes its way down. The transportation options are grim and more rain is forecast for the weekend and following week. Many folks still haven’t recovered from the fires during the summer.

The direct link to Horse Council BC’s disaster relief donation website page is:

HCBC is supervising private helicopter airlifts (supported by the RCMP) in an effort to assist members on the ground. The challenge will be to transport animals with the road and rail systems heavily compromised. As transportation options become available HCBC will assist members in finding ways to move their animals to safer environments.


> COVID-19 Updates - November 13, 2021

  • The following Covid restrictions are in place for indoor sporting and recreation facilities:
  • Currently, all adults (those over age 18) are required to be fully vaccinated or have proof of a current negative rapid Covid test to enter an indoor sporting or recreation facility, regardless of their reason for entering: ie. Coach, volunteer, employment, parent/guardian, spectator, etc.
  • Those under age 12 (and until December 5, those aged between 12 and 18) may enter without proof of vaccination or Covid test.
  • From December 6, those aged between 12 and 18 may enter if they produce proof that they have received one dose of vaccine, or proof of a negative Covid test taken with the preceding 72 hours confirmed by a pharmacist.

Please follow this link for more detail and some FAQ:

Provincial guidelines may be amended from time to time and it is the facility/event organizer's responsibility to be aware of any changes. The November 12 Public Health Order is at this link.

The website link gives details of support available for businesses.




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Manitoba Horse Council Office
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Executive Director, Diane David
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Business Manager, Linda Hazelwood
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